Services offered:

  • Promote cotton production and processing in Swaziland
  • Provide Technical advice on seed cotton production
  • Processing of seed cotton (ginnery in Big Bend)
  • Finance cotton Research
  • Provide credit facility to cotton growers (farm inputs and tractor hire services)
  • Provide transport for collecting seed cotton from all the cotton growing areas to the ginnery
  • Negotiate for subsidized prices for cotton chemicals with suppliers
  • Provide Market and marketing intelligence for seed cotton produced in Swaziland

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Cotton Products:


  • Seed Cotton (cotton harvested by farmers from the field, delivered to the ginnery for processing)
  • Cotton Lint (cotton wool after ginning)
  • Fuzzy seed (cotton seed after ginning)
  • Cotton moths

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Delivery of Imputes


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Transportation of bales from farmers to the ginnery


swaziland-cotton-bales-transport     transport-cotton-bales-swaziland

Cotton Buying


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Training of Farmers


training-cotton-farmers-swaziland      swaziland-cotton-board-farmers-training

A list of clients and/or stakeholders:


  • Swaziland Oil Mill Industry
  • Swaziland Agricultural Suppliers
  • Farm Chemicals
  • Spintex Swaziland
  • Grains for Africa
  • Branson Marketing
  • Vukani Distributors
  • Matsapha Trading
  • G Fox Swaziland
  • Matata Group Stores
  • IFA Engineering
  • KEK