About Us


Swaziland Cotton Board is a Public Enterprise under the Ministry of Agriculture. It was established by Cotton Act No. 26 of 1967. It is controlled and monitored as a Public Enterprise, (Public Control & Monitoring Act, 1989).

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To be a world class cotton enterprise that is financially sustainable to improve the economic status of Swaziland.


The Cotton Board is a Public Enterprise with the objective of improving livelihoods through promoting cotton production, processing and marketing in Swaziland by providing growers with high yielding quality varieties, providing innovative extension advice, and making available to cotton processors a quality product.

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  • Regulate Cotton Industry in Swaziland
  • Grow the Swaziland Cotton Industry
  • Promote Cotton Production in Swaziland
  • Provide Market and Marketing intelligence
  • Provide Technical Advice to Farmers.
  • Direct cotton research